Husband & Wife - Industry leading - PROFESSIONAL Wedding Photographers

Richard Howden

Let me tell you a bit more about me. I have had the pleasure of capturing special moments and events for over a decade and really understand what my clients are looking for. My techniques and skills have evolved over the years, and in turn has allowed me to develop new ideas to develop our business.

Having 2 photographers at Howden Photography allows us now to capture so much more and speed up the the process of your day. It also allows us to focus on some Drone photos and short video clips.

"The future is Photo and Video Hybrid"

Through the years I have evolved from landscape photography to studio photography to night time photography and now to wedding photography. This is my passion and I like to keep it as relaxed as possible and most importantly fun to ensure I capture all those moments in time.

Nina Kunkel-Howden

I have had a passion in photography for many years. I started with macro and landscape photography and have developed my skills over time. I have now fallen in love with Wedding Photography. There is nothing more enjoyable than working with couples on their wedding day and capturing those special moments.

My aim is to capture amazing moments of your special day that you can cherish forever. Having 2 of us at your big day opens up the opportunity to capture many more candid photos and also speeds up the group photo sessions.

I love what I do, and I enjoy documenting all those unique moments throughout the day.


As photographers, it is part of our day to ensure that everything goes to plan. we sometimes have to jump in to help the day run smoothly

Drone Instuctor

We are entertainers for the kids. Showing them how the drone works!!

Button Hole Fixer

Don't know how many of these we have fixed along with kilt pins, ties, veils, kilt shoe laces etc!!

Bouquet Holder

Where is your Bouquet? We hold and find your flowers throughout the day!!

Gun Slingers

Spot the photographers!! You can always find us with the cameras hanging off our shoulders.

Our Tips

Flat Shoes

Advice for our beautiful brides with their beautiful shoes. If you plan on walking far or on wet grass for photos, actually, any distance at all, bring flat shoes. Trainers, wellies, flip-flops.... whatever..... You will thank us for this one!


We have umbrellas, photo frames, tug of war rope and a grumpy dinosaur. If you want any other props either ask in advance or bring your own. Using props to set up photos can take some time, so a second photographer is recommended to assist with photo set up times and carrying the extra equipment.


Simple. Don't forget them!!


Easier said than done, but remember you have already made the plans and triple checked them. The main thing is to enjoy your day together with your friends and family.


Guys, are you wearing a Kilt? If so have a practice putting it on the night before if you have not worn one previously. And practice sitting down and let your kilt hang low. There are some things we just don't want to photograph!